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The J. Safra Sarasin Bank is a leading sustainable private bank which combines all the advantages of the Swiss finance hub with dynamic and personalised consulting services, focusing on investment opportunities in international financial markets.

It provides high-quality services and expertise, making it a trusted investment advisor and asset manager for its private and institutional clients. Financial strength, excellent customer service and outstanding quality form the core elements of its philosophy. In Switzerland, J. Safra Sarasin has its head office in Basel, and is also located in Berne, Geneva, Lucerne, Lugano and Zurich. The bank has not only pioneered sustainable investments for more than 20 years, but became Switzerland’s market leader for such investments for 2012, with a 38% market share.  

A systematic approach of evaluating securities issuers through ecological and social perspectives for many years has revealed that compliance with sustainability standards and requirements can lead to better and successful investments. The J. Safra Sarasin Bank offers institutional investors and private clients a wide range of sustainable products for their different investment needs, as well as the possibility of customized wealth management. Sustainability is usually an additional decisive criterion in asset management for private clients. 

Funds managed by Sarasin

BNY Mellon Wertefonds 

Fisch Convertible Bond Sustainable Fund

IAM Fair Value Flex (Fund of Funds)

Living Planet Fund - Global Environment

Mi-Fonds (CH) 45 Sustainable

New Energy Fund






Further Funds

Bluevalor Sustainable Lifestyle Brand Equity

CF 7IM - Sustainable Balance Fund OEIC (not registrated in AT,CH,DE)

01.07.2017 – Bank J. Safra Sarasin: Newsletter 07/2017

Der neue Sustainable Investments Newsletter der Bank J. Safra Sarasin vom Juli 2017 zum Thema "Nachhaltige Disruptionen voraus!" steht Ihnen jetzt zum Download zur Verfügung. 

09.05.2017 – Bank J. Safra Sarasin: Sustainable Investment Spotlight 05/2017 - Disruptive Technologien

Das neue Sustainable Investment Spotlight der Bank J. Safra Sarasin vom Mai 2017 zum Thema "Disruptive Technologien ebnen der vierten industriellen Revolution den Weg" steht Ihnen jetzt zum Download zur Verfügung.

30.04.2017 – Bank J. Safra Sarasin: Newsletter 04/2017

Der neue Sustainable Investments Newsletter der Bank J. Safra Sarasin vom April 2017 zum Thema "Wie die Finanzierung der Energiewende gelingt" steht Ihnen jetzt zum Download zur Verfügung. 


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